Our Inspiration

  • The Original Story ---

After years of eating unprocessed foods (organic whenever available) and keeping the pantry and refrigerator full of fresh fruits, vegetables, grass-fed beef and pasture-raised poultry, Theresa and Brian began to think about the contents of the medicine cabinet and various products in the shower.  What were they exposing themselves to and how many chemicals were in the soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, moisturizer, etc, used in the daily routine of life?


Since skin is the largest organ of our bodies and also the thinnest, how permeable is it?  Can using chemicals on the skin be worse than eating them?  When adding up the daily exposure to the number of potentially dangerous chemicals, it became quite alarming for them!


They began searching for natural and organic skin and body care products but unfortunately many of the products that claimed to be safe, had known carcinogens, allergens, and immunotoxic chemicals in the ingredients!  Where could they find skin and body care products made with natural and organic ingredients?


Since cooking with coconut oil for numerous years, the first step was to start moisturizing with organic, extra virgin coconut oil after reading that it was an easily absorbed massage oil, ideal for soothing the skin.  They found it easy to use and very effective.


Thus inspired by organic, extra virgin coconut oil, Theresa and Brian developed the Kee Botanicals line of natural and organic body care products in 2011.  Each product contains organic coconut oil plus other safe, simple and organic, plant-based ingredients that will gently clean and moisturize your skin and hair.


The Story Continues ---

Shirley and Steve also have had very similar concerns about food and products used daily for the skin.  For many years they gardened so they could eat real, unaltered, unsprayed food; raised goats and chickens; made simple recipes for deodorant, toothpaste and laundry soap, etc., raising their children as healthfully as possible.  Now they have the opportunity and privilege to carry on the original mission and commitment of Kee Botanicals.


We commit to the same integrity and mission of Kee Botanicals to create the purest, all natural, organic plant-based skin care products that are safe for everyone to use every day.


We promise to carry on the heart of Kee Botanicals:

  --using the highest possible percentage of organic, natural plant ingredients in all of our products


  --to never use dangerous petroleum-based or chemical ingredients in any of our products


  --to attend to the needs of our customers with integrity and care


So join us and spread the word; shop online or visit the Kee Botanicals booth at the Fort Pierce Farmers Market every Saturday from 8 – 12!


We look forward to seeing you!

Shirley and Steve



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